Enhance 2021: Restoration is Coming

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What would you like to see restored? God wants to do a rebuilding of our love for Him, our love for Watford & every leaders’ vision and hope


 A lot has been broken down in our society, in our town. A lot has been lost. In the days ahead, where would you like to see restoration?

  • In your church or agency, refilled with creativity and purpose?
  • In your own personal ministry, refocused and re-energised?
  • On the streets of Watford, to be thriving with life and promise?

God is calling us to restoration- to see a rebuilding of our love for Him and His Word, our love for Watford and every leader’s personal vision  and hope. This is our theme for Enhance 2021.

Come and unite with other leaders across the town and be restored.

Join us Saturday, the 6th November for Enhance 2021, our half-day Leadership Conference, as we gather together to seek the restoration God has for us and our town.

Gather in person (or join us online) from 10:30am-2:30pm to spend time in worship and prayer with other leaders, and break out into Connection Sessions to share with and be encouraged by other leaders. Then we’ll also hear from guest speaker and author Daniel Grothe on The Power of Place.

We’ll also be praying with civic and community leaders in our town, sharing in God’s heart for every business, person and leader in Watford.
A light lunch will be provided! 

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